Adding a Google Map to a property

Google change their Google Maps function from time to time. So this guide can go out of date. If it does, contact us at

Step 1

Google the address you want here

Step 2

In the bottom right corner there is a cog icon that you click.

Then select Share and embed map

Then select the Embed map tab.

Step 3

Select the size you want. Small will display in most mobile phones correctly. Copy the code as shown here.

Step 4

Login to ECWID.

Go to Catalog > Products and find your property.

Go to the Product Description.

Click on the HTML button in the top right hand corner.

This will open up the HTML view of the description. Go to the bottom of the HTML code and paste your Google Map code.

Click Update.

Click Save.

You have now saved the Google Map into a property description and it will display now for that property. You will need to view it in a different browser or browser tab (the property) and refresh the page.

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