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Providing Support To Our Community

Llamablue provides internet services including website design, website hosting, domain registration, email marketing and more to help community organisations including:


Fleurieu Community Foundation

Llamablue has partnered with Fleurieu Community Foundation. The Fleurieu Community Foundation is the Fleurieu’s local philanthropic organisation. We have provide web design and web hosting to the Foundation since May 2012.

The Fleurieu Community Foundation is a simple cost effective way to invest in the future of our local community. We raise money through donations in the community to benefit the community.



Gemco Theatre Players

The name Gemco stands for the townships in the Ranges: Gembrook, Emerald, Monbulk, Macclesfield, Menzies Creek, and Cockatoo Community Theatre.

Since 2010 Llamablue has supported Gemco Players with website design, website hosting and email marketing. We worked principally to assist Gemco in the set up of the current website and email marketing campaigns. The approach has been very successful.



South Coast Choral and Arts Society SCCAS

In 2012 SCCAS went online for the first time. Since then Llamablue has hosted their website, redesigning it in February 2013. We actively manage the content of the website for SCCAS as our commitment to the Fleurieu Peninsula and Victor Harbor Arts and Theatre community.



Direct Community Support Via Donations

Llamablue has also been active in direct local and global community support:

  • Humbug Scrub Wildlife Sanctuary Inc. - significant donation to assist in the viability of the wildlife sanctuary

  • Million Dollar Run - creation and hosting of website and email to assist this charitable activity

  • SA Wooden Boat Festival - assistance with creation and hosting of their event website

  • Operation Flinders - creation of new websites for the Foundation and their Flinders Challenge event

  • Afghanistan National Institute of Music - website hosting support

  • CFA - Significant donation to Kallista CFA (Country Fire Authority)

  • Kallista Primary School - sponsored LCD screens in classrooms

  • WikiPedia - Significant donation

  • Goolwa Football Club

Llamablue helps customers throughout Australia. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia for websites in Adelaide and South Australia.

We also service customers in New South Wales, ACT, Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Western Australia and New Zealand.

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