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What's Going On Online - Set Online Marketing Goals

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Setting Up and Tracking Online Marketing Goals

Remember, the keys to clever online marketing are:

  1. Know Your Online Performance Baseline
  2. Develop an Online Marketing Strategy
  3. Set Online Marketing Goals - Performance Benchmarks and ROI (Return On Investment)
  4. Create Online Marketing Tracking Mechanisms

In the example based on a recent discussion with one of our customers the online marketing strategy here is:

To reach out (there's that phrase again!) to enough visitors that at least five sales exceeding $X thousands of dollars are generated.

We have already addressed Points 1 and 2. Now lets move to Point 3. 

Online Marketing Goals

We need an online performance baseline which for a new website and online presence is usually zero. That requires extra effort to grow your online presence using online marketing tools and resources.

For an established online presence you will be looking to improve your performance and therefore create more business opportunities to convert into sales and revenue.

For online marketing goals you can consider these questions (and we give some example answers)

  • Google and Search Engines - how regularly will you update your site so that it remains dynamic in the view of search engines? What increase do you want in say Google visits and click throughs to double or even triple your online enquiries?
    • A great idea that is easy is to publish news and events regularly (weekly)
    • Landing pages which are not in the main navigation but still part of your website allow you to target keyword phrases eg. lawn mower service Sydney, hair dresser Adelaide. In this case you create relevant Page Titles, Page Descriptions and Page Content linked to those keyword phrases
    • If you have 2000 page impressions and 100 click throughs your overall CTR is 5% which is quite good.
    • You can increase your page impressions by coming up in more search results.
    • You can increase your click throughs by improving the hooks in your page titles and page descriptions .
    • Overall you need to decide what will be the most important GOAL for your business and how you are going to get there
  • CMS eg. Squarespace - How many areas will you concentrate on expanding and updating over the next 12 months?
    • What will the workload be?
    • Should you do this yourself or outsource it?
    • What keyword phrases are you going to target and hopefully dominate?
    • eg. Squarespace Sydney, Squarespace Melbourne, Squarespace Developer Sydney, ...
  • Forms - number of form enquiries submitted versus jobs generated or sales generated
    • You must track all the form based enquiries you receive in a considered way. How many do you need to convert the required business?
    • Look at your history. If you are getting enquiries, are they the right ones - qualified correctly? If not, a GOAL is to get a higher number of relevant form enquiries by modifying the forms to target specific customer groups and weed out tyre kickers.
  • Email - Emails submitted from website where you know they came from the website.
    • This should be tracked via a separate email address making it easy for you to understand who has contacted you online eg. onlineenquiry@yourbusiness.com.au
    • What level of enquiry (free ranging) do you want versus structured form based enquiries?
  • Telephone calls - Ask all new leads / customers that phone how they found you and record it.
  • Social Marketing sites - measures eg. Facebook likes, Twitter followers, etc.
  • Social Marketing - Enquiries via social marketing sites
  • Referral Systems - where affiliates are able to refer directly via your website
  • Online stores - Sales, Repeat customers, Rate of Growth in sales, Average Sales Value, Popular products and services

Next we need to Track Performance

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