What's Going On Online Presentation - 13 March 2014

What Did Llamablue Do in Melbourne?

Damion McNaught, Managing Director of Llamablue reached out to our Melbourne customers at our Belgrave office on Thursday 13th March 2014. ‘Reaching out’ as we appear to these days in the IT world, means communicating with customers.

What's Going On Online was a presentation providing an update on how to maximise online marketing for your website, online store and other web ambitions.

Llamablue is Australia's leading Squarespace website designer and website developer. With hundreds of customers now on the Squarespace content management system it gives us unrivalled insight into what works in online marketing and what doesn't.

An Online Marketing Strategy is a Great Place To Start

Lets have look at where the market seismic shift is sending each and every consumer and potential customer. Mobile browsing is definitely the growth curve here and overseas.

What began with the iPhone has expanded through Andoid and Windows phones into a online marketing opportunity never before seen. Imagine being just a few clicks away from customers anywhere in the world and at any time. There are risks though for the potential customers. Let's have a look:

The keys to clever online marketing are:

  1. Know Your Online Performance Baseline
  2. Develop an Online Marketing Strategy
  3. Set Online Marketing Goals - Performance Benchmarks and ROI (Return On Investment)
  4. Create Online Marketing Tracking Mechanisms

The last of these points is probably the most important because tracking performance allows you to sense the following:

  • Your Performance Benchmarks are being met
  • Your strategy is working
  • You are getting a good ROI for your online marketing spend

How Do You Set Up an Online Marketing Strategy?

Online Marketing Strategies are really straighforward. Where do you want to get to and how do you think you will do it.

Here's an example based on a recent discussion with one of our customers.

I want to get around five jobs a year. These will be $X thousands of dollars each. That will allow me to work for myself while continuing to generate good income without having to look at too many other marketing channels.

Right. So the online marketing strategy here is:

To reach out (there's that phrase again!) to enough visitors that at least five sales exceeding $X thousands of dollars are generated.

Let's now look at how we bring this example together.

Llamablue specialises in Squarespace and provides web design, web hosting, online stores and SEO strategies for businesses in and around Australia, USA, UK, Europe and internationally. Llamablue hosts customer websites in Australia - Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and now in the USA. We are expanding rapidly and can help you wherever you are based. So let's talk.