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What's Going On Online - Create Online Marketing Tracking

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Setting Up and Tracking Online Marketing Goals

Remember, the keys to clever online marketing are:

  1. Know Your Online Performance Baseline
  2. Develop an Online Marketing Strategy
  3. Set Online Marketing Goals - Performance Benchmarks and ROI (Return On Investment)
  4. Create Online Marketing Tracking Mechanisms

In the example based on a recent discussion with one of our customers the online marketing strategy here is:

To reach out (there's that phrase again!) to enough visitors that at least five sales exceeding $X thousands of dollars are generated.

We have already addressed Points 1, 2 and 3. Now lets move to Point 4.

Online Marketing Tracking

Tracking is one of the easier things to do as there are lots of products and services that help you with this.

However, we find that in order to get a good indication of your performance you will need to drag data from a variety of places. We can help you with this by having quarterly or half-yearly scheduled performance reviews.

Here are some of the sources for online marketing tracking we use:

  1. Squarespace CMS inbuilt traffic analysis
  2. Google Webmaster Tools ( Google Analytics for customers to view themselves)
  3. Online store sales results
  4. Online form submissions ( EXCEL and mail inbox review)
  5. Social Media reporting tools
  6. Payment reporting tools
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