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Whats Going On Online - Online Performance Baseline

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Setting Up and Tracking Online Marketing Goals

Remember, the keys to clever online marketing are:

  1. Know Your Online Performance Baseline
  2. Develop an Online Marketing Strategy
  3. Set Online Marketing Goals - Performance Benchmarks and ROI (Return On Investment)
  4. Create Online Marketing Tracking Mechanisms

In the example based on a recent discussion with one of our customers the online marketing strategy here is:

To reach out (there's that phrase again!) to enough visitors that at least five sales exceeding $X thousands of dollars are generated.

So that is Point 2 created.

Online Performance Baseline

Your online performance baseline for a new website and online presence is usually zero. That requires extra effort to grow your online presence using online marketing tools and resources.

When you have an established presence you can look at various online metrics and data to set a baseline:

  • Google  - Number of Page Impressions
  • Google - Number of Click Throughs
  • Google - Top Pages and Top Search Queries
  • Google - Click Through Rates (CTR %) and Average Positions
  • CMS eg. Squarespace - Traffic Analysis to your site - Desktop versus mobile, Unique Visitors, Audience (Visitors that come back are counted once) and Page Views (once called hits)
  • CMS eg. Squarespace - Most Requested Pages (popular content), Detailed Page history to show Average time on website by a visitor
  • CMS eg. Squarespace - Operating Systems and Browser usage
  • Forms - number of form enquiries submitted versus jobs generated or sales generated
  • Email - Emails submitted from website where you know they came from the website
  • Telephone calls - Calls received on average for your company's products or services where you know they initially found you via an online marketing channel eg. your website, other website, social marketing site.
  • Social Marketing sites - measures eg. Facebook likes, Twitter followers, etc.
  • Social Marketing - Enquiries via social marketing sites
  • Referral Systems - where affiliates are able to refer directly via your website
  • Online stores - Sales, Repeat customers, Rate of Growth in sales, Average Sales Value, Popular products and services

An Online Performance Baseline takes each of these elements and makes a commentary about them. The two things you need to consider for each online performance baseline element are:

  • The metrics (ie the actual values say over a three month period - the longer the period the better as that covers marketing cycles)
  • A short statement (one sentence comment) describing your take on what that means.


Average website page views per visitor = 2.3 pages per visit. This is low (actually we see 4-5 pages per visit being quite high) and we need to engage customers longer.

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