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2.3.2 Requesting an Out Of Office Message

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Out Of Office

Going on holidays? Unable to get to work for a while? It’s important to let your customers and clients know that you can’t attend to their emails for an extended period. You can do this by emailing them en masse, but what if they don’t see it and still send you urgent emails?

We can help with that. An Out Of Office message will be sent automatically to anyone emailing your account during the specified times. You can customise this message with how long you’re away for and why. Mention another email where urgent matters can be forwarded to, or if needs be a phone number for those absolutely dire situations.

Simply submit a Support ticket, stating what emails are to be given an Out Of Office message, the message that you want to include and the timeframe the message needs to be running for. We will put it on and take it off, no mess, no fuss!

When possible, please submit these in advance, not the day you leave, especially at the end of the week. This allows us time to receive and action the ticket, so that your customers won’t be confused by your silence when you leave.

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