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2.2.2 Configuring iPad Mail

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iPad Mail

Every iPad comes with a Mail app already installed. To add an email account to your iPad, open the Settings App. Scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select it.

At the top, you will have an Add Account option. Select that, then select Other. Select Add Mail Account.

Fill out the fields with the name you wish your emails to be sent as, your email that we have created, your password we have supplied you with and whatever description you like. Select Next.

Switch to the POP option at the top.

For Incoming Mail Server, use new.ionrad.com.au as the Host Name, then your email as User Name and your password.

For Outgoing Mail Server, input the same details that you did for Incoming. Press Next and wait for it to verify. If you get a pop up stating “Cannot Connect Using SSL – Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?” choose YES. It will attempt to verify again.

You now have mail on your iPad!

If you have troubles with this, please submit a Support ticket. Verification may not be instantaneous, please be patient.

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