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2.1.0 Computer Programs

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Computer Programs

There are several different programs you can use on your computer to access your mail. If you have a Mac, it will come with the native program Mail, while a Windows user will need to purchase Microsoft Outlook. An alternative for both is Thunderbird, a free download from Mozilla. If you don’t want to use a program on your computer you can also use our webmail in your browser.

2.0.0 - Emails

2.1.1 Configuring Microsoft Outlook (Windows)
2.1.2 Configuring Mail (Mac)
2.1.3 Configuring Thunderbird (Windows)
2.1.4 Configuring Thunderbird (Mac)
2.1.5 Viewing Mail Online

Looking for Portable Devices?

2.2.1 Configuring iPhone Mail
2.2.2 Configuring iPad Mail
2.2.3 Configuring Android Mail

Need something else?

2.3.1 Requesting A Password
2.3.2 Requesting a Vacation Message

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