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1.2.9 Adding a New Page/Blog

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Pages & Blogs

If you want to add a new page in Version 6, it's quite simple. Log in and you will be directed to the area where you can create a page. Blogs can be created in the same manner as pages.

On the left sidebar you will see the list of current pages on your website in two categories: Linked and Not Linked.

Linked contains pages that show up in your main navigation menu. They will typically include things like Home, About Us and Contact Us. If you want to add a page here, click the Add Page link at the bottom of the list.

Not Linked contains pages that are hidden. They are accessable and used in cases where you want to put information onto the site but not have it in your main menu. To add a page of this style, scroll to the very bottom and use the Add Page link there.

Once you've clicked Add Page, you will be prompted to select what type of page. Different templates can offer different types of pages, but usually you would be adding a Page or a Blog. Select which one you want, then type the name of the page into the box that appears. There you go! You've made a new page or blog.

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