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1.2.8 Adding a Slideshow

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Gallery Blocks

As covered in this article, Version 6 organises everything on the page with blocks. If you wish to add a new image, you will need to add an image block.

Click the Add Block button at the top right of the editing area. This will bring up a selection where you can choose which kind of block you wish to add.

Before you choose a gallery block, decide where you want to place it. If you just want to put it at the bottom of the page, click it once. This will automatically insert it at the bottom of the page.

However, if you wish to place it somewhere else, to the left or right of some existing content for example, you should instead click and hold on the gallery block. This will allow you to drag and drop the block where you wish to place it, with a blue line and label guiding you as you move across the editing page.

When you place the block, a new window will open. There are two different tabs you will need to work in. First is how to customise the gallery. To have it display as a slideshow, select Slideshow from the drop down at the top. When you do this, you will see quite a few options appearing. The main ones you may want to change are Auto-Play, Controls, Show Title & Description and Show on Hover.

Auto-Play is whether or not you want the images in the slideshow to automatically tick over.

Controls is whether or not you want there to be controls around the slideshow for people to navigate. If you turn auto-play off, these should preferably be on.

Show Title & Description is useful if you want to put information on the images. If not, these are better turned off.

Show on Hover should be turned off if you are using the titles and descriptions. This will turn the titles and descriptions on permanently.

Up on the right hand corner is a Content link, which is where you will upload your images. You can either drag the image files you wish to include in the slideshow from its location onto the white box, or click the plus symbol and navigate to it that way, whichever you prefer. Once they've loaded, click Save and you're all done!

Titles & Descriptions

As mentioned above, you can include titles and/or descriptions on each slide of your slideshow. This can be handy if you are showcasing products and want to provide details with each product, or if you simply want to provide more information about the image or your site.

When you are in the Content tab of the gallery block, you can hover over the image to see a cog and trash can icon. The trash can is useful if you've uploaded the wrong image by accident as it deletes the image.

If you click the cog, a new window will appear that has a section for a title and a description. You can also link the image to a URL, one off site or another page on your site. Simply paste the URL into the box that appears when you click the URL area.

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