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1.2.2 Adding Content

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The Basics

Once you have logged in (see here for details on how), you will be presented with the back end of your site. This is where you can edit anything on your website.

On the left hand side you will see a dark grey bar. The 'A' icon is the Content area and the 'eye' icon is the Preview area. The latter will take you to the front of the site and display it how a visitor would see your site. The other icons are areas only used during the setup of the site and won't be needed for content editing.

To the right of this bar is a column containing every page on your site, including some hidden ones that don't show up on your site's navigation bar. You can navigate to the page you wish to edit here.

Editing Content

To edit content on an existing page, it's quite simple.

Nagivate to the page you want to edit. You will see the page is set up with what are called blocks. Some are text, some are images and there are many more different types of blocks. As you move your cursor over the editing area, you will see each block highlighted.

Hover your cursor over the text block you wish to edit and click it once. This will bring up a small black menu bar above the text, containing editing functions like bold, italic and text alignments.

If the bar doesn't appear, try clicking the text area again.

From here you can add, remove or alter text in the block. If you wish to add an additional text block, please look below for more information.

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