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0.0.0 - A Guide To Our Knowledge Base

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elcome to Our Knowledge Base

Here at Llamablue, we allow our customers to work within their sites to add and alter content, resulting in a constantly up to date website. We train our customers in how to use their sites and any other additional add ons, but now you can come and learn at your own pace within our Knowledge Base. Or if you've forgotten how to do something, you can refresh your memory.

1.0.0 - Websites Platforms

We have a few different platforms which our websites are built on.

1.1.0 Squarespace Version 5

The platform we started building on, we no longer create on Version 5. We do offer support for our existing customers of course, but have moved on to the newer world of Version 6.

1.1.1 Login to Your Website
1.1.2 Adding Content
1.1.3 Adding Headings
1.1.4 Adding an Image
1.1.5 Adding Links
1.1.6 Adding a Video
1.1.7 Adding a New Page
1.1.8 Adding a New Journal/Blog

1.2.0 Squarespace Version 6

Squarespace's most recent version, we build a lot of our websites on it. t's very intuitive, with many drag and drop features. Our current site is built with it!

1.2.1 Login to Your Website
1.2.2 Adding Content
1.2.3 Adding Headings
1.2.4 Adding a Text Block
1.2.5 Adding Links
1.2.6 Adding an Image Block
1.2.7 Adding a Video Block
1.2.8 Adding a Slideshow
1.2.9 Adding a New Page/Blog

2.0.0 - Emails

hen it comes to accessing your email, there are so many different ways to do so in this technology-focused age. We can help you set up your emails on a multitude of platforms.

2.1.0 Computer Programs

2.1.1 Configuring Microsoft Outlook (Windows)
2.1.2 Configuring Mail (Mac)
2.1.3 Configuring Thunderbird (Windows)
2.1.4 Configuring Thunderbird (Mac)
2.1.5 Viewing Mail Online

2.2.0 Portable Devices

2.2.1 Configuring iPhone Mail
2.2.2 Configuring iPad Mail
2.2.3 Configuring Android Mail

2.3.0 Miscellaneous

.3.1 Requesting a Password
2.3.2 Requesting an Out Of Office Message

3.0.0 - eb Apps

In unision with our websites, we also use other online applications to provide you with a complete online experience. This can vary from online stores to social media integration, like Facebook and Twitter.

3.1.0 Online Store - ECWID

3.1.1 Logging Into Your Online Store
3.1.2 dding a New Product
3.1.3 Adding a New Category
3.1.4 Managing Your Orders
3.1.5 Managing Stock Levels

3.2.0 Facebook

3.2.1 Logging Into Your Account
3.2.2 Posting
3.2.3 Liking Other Pages - Why?

3.3.0 Twitter

3.3.1 Logging Into Your Account
3.3.2 Tweeting
3.3.3 Following Other Users - Why?

4.0.0 - Support

While this Knowledge Base covers all the general areas, there will always be a specific question or problem that is unique to your business and needs personal attention.

.1.0 Help, I'm Stuck!

4.2.0 I Don't Have Time/Would Rather You Did It

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