The Perfect Cup Doubles Online Sales

The Perfect Cup Doubles Online Sales

"Our online sales have doubled since launching the new site.  People like the design, the PayPal™ payment options and how easy the ordering process is."

Craig Lunn, The Perfect Cup.

Within just months of launching its new Llamablue-crafted website, The Perfect Cup has doubled its online sales.  Using our favorite ecommerce system, ECWID, we have streamlined the purchasing process.  Customers have appreciated the variety of payment options, particularly Paypal, which they find to be safe and simple.  

The Perfect Cup has a number of cafe outlets around Adelaide and also sells their products online, expanding their customer potential to an Australia-wide market.  If you have a great product, why not market it to a larger audience?  Speak to the Llamablue web design team and our online marketing strategist to find out how we can help your business grow. 


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